Name of Wedding Party: Date your Wedding is scheduled:

DJ’s Attire:  Considering your personalities, the weather and temperature, and the atmosphere you wish to create,  which do you prefer our attire to be at your reception:

        Formal (Tuxedo)                            Semi-formal (Suit and Tie)                        Casual

              Arrival of Guests:  Your guests will be greeted by a variety of soft, conversational background music.  If you plan to arrive after the majority of your guests do, we will gladly announce your arrival.  Also, if you wish for us to announce your parents and/or bridal party, please attach a list of their names in the order you wish them to be announced.

If you are providing disposable cameras we will gladly announce how to use them and encourage your guests to each take a picture.  We will also collect them on your behalf at the conclusion of the reception.              

               Yes, we will have disposable cameras.

               Receiving Line:  It is traditional to arrange a receiving line for your guests to congratulate you and for you to thank everyone for attending.  However, if you are planning to have more than 100 guests, this could be very time consuming.  If you decide not to have a receiving line, please remember that you should have time to visit with your guests both before and after the meal is served.

                Meal is Served:  If you are planning a sit-down banquet we will announce for your guests to be seated so the banquet can be served.  If the   meal is presented buffet style, we will invite you to the buffet first, followed by your bridal party, family and finally your guests.

Type of Meal:                        Sit-down banquet                              Buffet

Is your DJ/Master of Ceremonies invited to the meal?        Yes       No

                 The Toast:  After making sure that all tables have been served champagne (or toasting beverages), we introduce the person(s) making   the toast and provide them with a microphone if needed.  The best man usually makes the first toast, and the maid/matron of honor is encouraged to offer a toast as well.

Best Man: Maid/Matron of Honor:


                Cake Cutting:   Scheduling the cake cutting immediately following the toast(s) works very well.  Since both are usually conducted in the same area, we already have the attention of your guests.  In addition, your guests can now enjoy dessert as soon as you’ve finished cutting  your cake.

                 The First Dance:   This dance is traditionally reserved for the bride and groom.  We will

invite you to the dance floor and introduce you as:

Song Title: Artist:


            Parents Dance: There are several ways to conduct this special dance.  At your request we will:

Invite the bride’s father to dance with the bride, OR

 Invite the bride’s father to join the bride and invite the groom’s mother to join the groom, OR

Invite the parents of the bride & groom to join the bride & groom for this dance.


Bride’s Father:   Bride’s Mother:


Groom’s Father: Groom’s Mother:


Song Title: Artist:

                Group Dance/Dedication:  Up until now, your bridal party and guests have not participated in any of the traditional dances. This dance encourages everyone to the dance floor for a dedication from the two of you. It’s a great way to say “thank you” to everyone for attending the reception. A couple of suggestions include "That's What Friends Are For” or “We’re Having a Party”.

Song Title: Artist:


                 Music and Dancing to Begin:  This is where the music portion of the celebration starts and people begin moving about.  At this point we begin taking requests for music as well.

                  Bouquet and Garter Toss:  We encourage your guests to participate, and we guide you throughout so that your photographer is able to capture the moment on film. We keep it fun and moving!

                  Money Dance:  After we invite you to the dance floor, we invite your guests to join you for a personal dance, while at the same time helping to make your honeymoon even more memorable. The “Money Dance” usually replace the “Money Tree” and works especially well when there is no receiving line.

                  Music and Dancing for the remainder of the engagement.

                  Farewell Dance:  If you plan to leave prior to the majority of your guests, it is traditional to dedicate a farewell dance in your honor.  If you are staying until the end of the reception, we would make this the last dance and invite everyone to join you on the dance floor for the finale.  A couple of suggestions are “Last Dance” (Donna Summer) or “I Had The Time of My Life” (Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes).

                  End of Reception

In an effort to better serve you, we may wish to contact the other wedding professionals who will be assisting you at your wedding reception.  Please list their names and phone numbers here:

Photographer: Phone:

Videographer: Phone:

Caterer/Banquet Mgr: Phone:

Wedding Consultant/Coordinator: Phone: